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Fastest Hacking Services

In this internet age of social media, a fast, trustworthy and easy-to-use service to hire a hacker is important, useful and sometimes powerful.

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Advanced Methods & Exploits

We are always updated with the newest exploits, zerodays and hacking methods. We also have our own dedicated research team for finding vulnerabilities. We are always trying new things to give you the best experience.

Keep your privacy

We keep no activity logs, meaning your orders can't be tracked, and we even encourage anonymous payments via cash or one of the cryptocurrencies we accept. Your order details are erased after job completion, ensuring that your device's activity and orders are not linked to you.

Trusted by 40,000+ Users

Using Nobelium is straightforward and simple – just contact us using our chatbox to hire a hacker. You won't need to waste time with registering accounts or wait hours for an email reply. We built Nobelium with ease of use in mind.

Monitor your target easily

We give you complete control over your target, allowing you to spy on them, monitor their chats, control their devices and more. Requires no physical access and it runs in stealth mode and is impossible to detect or remove.

That is why we provide a service to hire a hacker that offers permanent access to your target device for a onetime fee.

Getting started with Nobelium

1. Create an order

Every client gets an unique order ID so that they can manage their orders and payments easily without having the need to create an account.


2. Contact us to get started

Message us through our live chatbox, explain what hacking services you need and tell us your budget. You're ready to hire a hacker.

3. Receive services

The assigned hacker will complete the job within the chosen time period and will guide you through the remaining process. Read our guide for more info.


4. Payment for the service

Just an onetime payment will complete your order ID so that you pay the assigned hacker. If you’re not satisfied, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

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