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Last updated: 18 March 2021

We offer a 4-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service.


We can't make refunds for cash payments due to anti-money laundering regulations.

Credit card

Please email [email protected] with the Nobelium order ID that can be found on your bank statement for the payment you wish to have refunded, it should have the format of 4214 5521 1236 4320 however, it might look slightly different depending on your bank.

Bank wire

Bankwire transactions will be refunded to the account from which we received the payment. Please email [email protected] with all of the following information:

  • your name and address
  • your country of tax residence
  • your IBAN or account number
  • your bank's BIC number.

Bitcoin and Ethereum payments

A few notes about this refund method:

  • If you have made your payment through one or several mixers, you won't receive the refund as we return the money to the final address from which we received the payment.
  • We can send the refund to an address different from the one you sent the payment from, as long as you can provide a signature for the original address.
  • A screenshot containing a transaction ID is not a proof of transaction.

Sign the word nobelium with the Bitcoin or Ethereum address from which you sent your payment and send both the resulting signature and the address to us at [email protected]. Please do not send us your private key.

Fill in this information:

  1. Your Nobelium order ID:
  2. Bitcoin address from which you sent your payment (source):
  3. Bitcoin address you paid to (destination):
  4. Signature:
  5. Transaction ID of your payment: [can be found with a blockchain explorer]
  6. Your Bitcoin refund address: [can be the same as your source address]

Please note that Bitcoin refunds may take several hours to process.

How to sign messages in a few wallets


  1. Navigate to Receive Money > Addresses (active) > Actions > Sign message.
  2. For Message, enter the word nobelium.
  3. Select your Bitcoin address from which you sent the payment.
  4. Click Sign and use the result in the Signature field (a long string of characters ending in "=") as your signature.